We will renew our showroom in Masaya!

Today, I decided to upgrade our showroom during the next weeks.
My family was dedicated over decades to be a platform for cultural exchange in Nicaragua. I hope that we can keep bringing new wind into the domestic music scene, support the domestic market growth and export our beautiful tradition.

Please interact with us and keep suggesting our lovely shop here in Masaya. Maybe we are “small”, but ohohoho! We are focusing to improve with new interior and a developed concept. You will profit in future with more comfort and space for testing our instruments on location. Do you have any wishes? What is important for you? We are happy to read your ideas.

I am going to decorate a little corner with my family’s history and we also have the idea of having a big book next to our door with some white pages, where you can leave us your feedbacks in written. A kind of guest book. What do you think about an AMP with good headphones in a comfortable corner, where you can test the guitar while you relax? I am thinking a lot about my clients.

Mostly I wake up very early, because I love to work, while there is no traffic here in our area. When my family started here, there were only “cornfields” arround us. Today, we are surrounded by a growing city. What a big change during all those years. So, if you like to test our instruments or if you want to feel the spirit of our production, you are very welcome to visit us in early morning – this is my suggestion. Personally I am very happy to see you again, or meeting new interesting clients. Family Zepeda welcomes you here in Masaya!

Many greetings from Nicaragua,

Sergio Zepeda