Sergio Zepeda

“My interest for guitars started very early with a huge passion for details. When I was eight years old my father taught me sanding parts of guitars. Later when I became 13 years old, I made already my first own guitar – I took the unimportant wood parts in my family’s workspace and I recycled them into an instrument. I remember this moment well, because my father was very proud of me. He observed my early abilities and development in handling the building of instruments. He was a very strict teacher – I understood much later, what he planned to inherit to me. Without his ambition to send me on my way, probably I never would start as early as I began. The first classical guitars I started to design, when I was 15 years old. Through ups-and-downs in my family’s history I collected lots of experience in this profession. Even during my music career, I supported part time my family’s business between Mondays and Fridays. Actually I never stopped being a luthier. Still today, the classical concert guitar is my most favourite instrument. I have a passion for the Flamenco guitar, too. My most favourite process in building guitars is the creation of the finger board and the top – they are the heart of the guitar. It is like meditation for me, because it is exactly in the middle of the whole process. For me Zepeda Guitars confirms the meaning of tradition. When I make guitars I feel connected to my family’s spirit. My hope is that one of my children carries on our family’s tradition one day. Until then, I will face the future and continue to make first class guitars for very good musicians all around the world.”

Sergio Zepeda, Masaya, Nicaragua – 20th of December 2015



Silvio Pastora

“Hello I am Silvio, Sergio’s uncle. I work over 40 years in the luthier business with some short breaks in between. I started from the beginning with Zepeda Guitars with Sergio’s grandfather José Santos Zepeda and then I continued to work for José Humberto Zepeda. “The old school” was a remarkable era, because we were forced to become first of all excellent generalists and then develop slowly in all disciplines into specialists. My most favourite process is “everything”, while I make guitars. Building a handmade guitar is not comparable with industrial production. I enjoy every single moment to express my collected repertoire with the creation of an instrument. I have no favourite instrument within our products, I love them all same. They are part of our family’s team work. Why do I work for Zepeda Guitars? Since the 60s I could feel our family’s drive to develop something. After so many years, I can ratify that our family’s art is like a good wine in the cellar.”

Silvio Pastora, Masaya, Nicaragua – 20th of December 2015



Michael Torrez

“If I remember well enough I started to work here ten years ago. My responsibility is to cut and prepare the template parts. Every day to be in charge and carrying responsibility makes me feeling good. Personally I hear Latin music a lot – Salsa is my favourite genre. During my private time I love to sing a lot. The reason why I work for Zepeda Guitars is, because it is art what the people do here. It is handmade, traditional and original. This production style  gives me the feeling to produce something with soul.”

Michael Torrez, Masaya, Nicaragua – 19th of December 2015



Erick Villalobos

“Hello, my name is Erick. More than 17 years ago I started to work for Guitarras Zepeda. My most favourite instrument is the classic guitar. I listen during my day to day life a lot to ballades and romantic music. My passion for carpentry and in general the art of wood craftsmanship led me to the art of building instruments. This is how I ended up in the Guitarras Zepeda company. My specialization and passion is to do the construction finish of the instruments. As I have love for details, I am also in love of repairing the instruments. I have an important advice for all customers: From my point of view the creation of an amazing instrument needs definitely its time! Please bring time with you, so you will profit in every case, especially in the precision of the construction itself. We take always a lot of time for our customer’s wishes and try to give a unique spirit to every instrument. My last and most important advice is: Please invest into a very good hard shell case for your instrument – then you will feel the real quality of our sustainable construction methodology. I wish you a lot of fun with our work! Welcome in Masaya!”

Erick Villalobos, Masaya, Nicaragua – 26th of March 2016



Mirna Zepeda

“Hi, I am Mirna! I am Sergio’s daughter and the youngest team member here. At the moment I am studying industrial engineering in Managua. Communications and consulting is my part in our family’s business. Sometimes I get the task, to investigate new partnerships for our company and to purchase some new instrument elements. It is for me very interesting to see an instrument in its details. My favourite activity is the interaction with customers in our showroom. I prefer to have conversations with clients here in our showroom. Always I carry a lot of responsibility by giving cutomers my personal advice. During the last three years I started to work here and I am happy about my decision, because I enjoy the chance to meet a lot of interesting people! Every day I love to listen to pop music and bytheway my most favourite instrument is a classic piano!”

Mirna Zepeda, Masaya, Nicaragua – 19th of December 2015



Carlos L. Menjivar

“Hello, I am Carlos! I am a marketing consultant in Guitarras Zepeda Company. At the moment I am studying Strategic Marketing in Managua, Nicaragua. My passion for guitars started when I was 13 years old; I learned the basic about acoustic classic guitars. When I heard about Guitarras Zepeda Logo Contest I decided to participate and apply for a part time job. I was amazed by their website and their high quality products. It is exciting to work with a family business and appreciate how they make those gorgeous products. My favorite activity is to support with customer service and to provide marketing advice and paperwork. I like to listen Bachata, Alternative Rock and Romantic music. My favorite instrument is the Master Classic Guitar. I am happy to apply my skills and be part of this wonderful luthier family business.”

Carlos L. Menjivar, Masaya, Nicaragua – 5th of February 2016