Master D. Cutaway

(In Production)

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The Zepeda Country Guitars Master Dreadnought Cutaway series is the steel string guitar with the highest standard for special events, the ear and the eye. Based on the Master Dreadnought series, my family’s international first class production standards, our tradition and long business experience, we produce masterclass guitars with a superior quality, high-end finish and for a long-term circle. Zepeda’s Masterclass steel string standard is worldwide highly accepted.
The top is made out of Spruce. The back and the sides are made of Cocobolo Rosewood. The bridge and the fingerboard are made out of African Ebony. The neck is made of Mahogany. The guitar is designed with a natural wood look without lack on the bridge and fingerboard. Very thin first class gloss finish. Masterclass crafted traditional details. It contains a precise designed Cutaway for professional experience. The Master Dreadnought Cutaway guitar has its own precise and individual steel string sound colour. In case of special order, we provide this instrument with a Fishman pick-up system.

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