Partnerships for the future

New Year, new website, new partnerships and a new agenda. First of all, I want to thank for all the chances, which were provided to me by all my customers. I am aware, that chances are designed to be used!

Here we go! After an over 70 years’ legacy and artistic contribution to our domestic culture, I decided to operate my company’s new route with contemporary lifestyle. For example, we are planning at the moment a modernization concept for our showroom in Masaya. During the next weeks, we will upgrade it within our possibilities framework. Modernism arrived already in Nicaragua, too. People use and love technology very much. They are part of a global digital network, too. Everybody seems to own smartphones and tries to enjoy the internet. Even my team started to use more IT tools in the administration, to improve our marketing, business process management and lifestyle. Next to all that access to modernism and huge changes, I realise that my company keeps having the duty to protect and care our culture as well.

I decided to use the modernism to improve the export of our culture. I believe this is a fair trade!

Many tourists from all over the world visit our shop in Masaya. They come curious and they go very thankful. I have been curious all my life, as child, as a young man and as adult – that’s why I never could stop working as an artist. I am thankful to all my customers, because everybody brings me a new inspiration. Some are from cities around us. Some are from our continent and some even from other continents all over the planet.

The internet and the globalization changed a lot during the last years. Global exchange is dynamic as never before. I want to influence and be part of that ex”CHANGE” in a positive way. I have the hope, that my company continues working on the improvement of art, culture and ourselves as human beings for a long term – then we can support positive effects on this planet even stronger.

Today morning I strengthened a partnership with the UAM International Programs Office. I plan to invite many international students in future to share experience with us during our day to day life. The UAM International Programs Office will be in charge to administrate a manageable capacity of participating students, who are very welcome to be part of my team. At the same time, I have a huge privilege to learn so much every day from young talents around me. All those modern inspirations and improvements show me chances for a blossoming future.

Thank you so much to Neven Pilipovic, who made this partnership with UAM possible and a special thanks to Mrs. Mary Helen Espinosa, who is giving our family trust and the chance for an interesting cooperative future.

UAM Partnership with UAM International Programs
Neven Pilipović (UAM) , Sergio Zepeda (GUITARRAS ZEPEDA) , Mary Helen Espinosa (UAM International Programs Director)

I announce herewith, that I want continue to work on a further improvement of our exotic sounds and art. As result of those developments I want to mobilize my company against destructive industrial mass production. We stand up every day to approach highest quality standard. Hopefully senseless global mass production will lose its value more and more in the upcoming future. My team and I continue to work hard for this moment.

Some next plans are: We want to start a partnership with active social NGOs, who will organize trips for children to our workspace, to inspire them with creative processes and our craftsmanship. Those children can learn here a lot, about their culture, art and music., who runs currently a children project in Acahualinca (Managua) is welcome to start a dialogue with me. I will try my best to support those children for their personal growth! Privately, I am very focused on those upcoming events, too. Let’s see what will happen here, during the next time within our possibilities!

My family business has a capacity of a few members. We design instruments by hand, we craft instruments by hand and experience. All our instruments have a long-life perspective and quality.

Everybody, who works for GUITARRAS ZEPEDA is an artist, who shares time with you – while you are here, and while you carry our products. Our products are the result of family culture.

My last words for today. Please come to Nicaragua! Use the chance of global exchange and visit our business in Masaya, and profit from an exchange with us. Enrich yourself with a new experience and take this back to your home, to inspire people and profit by this big global community. For example this organization can support you with your plans: AIESEC Nicaragua

We are welcoming you here. I am looking forward to experience our all development in 2016!


Sergio Zepeda