The Zepeda Logo competition winner is:

Dear participants, Dear customers,
‎Finally we found a result in case of our company’s logo. It was a hard long-term selection process, because this logo will support our company for the next years.
‎We chose the logo made by Universidad Americana’s student Carlos Menjivar.
Carlos studies “Strategic Marketing” at the UAM CUSE Faculty.
Yesterday night, I decided to offer Carlos a place in our family’s company, and he will start his internship with us from this week on.
The reasons for our choice are:  Carlos Menjivar’s “Zepeda Logo” version represents between the submitted examples, the most precise symbolism between a historical signature, our family’s name and the instruments which we build every day.
His logo got after a long process of thinking my family’s vote.
I congratulate Carlos for his work and at the same time I am thankful for this result.
ZEPEDA-Contest-Carlos Menjivar Winner
UAM student Carlos Menjivar wins the ZEPEDA Logo competition. Masaya, 2016 – Photo by Neven Pilipović
The new Zepeda logo has historical value. It will appear during the next years inside of our instruments, catalogues, our price lists, website and merchandising.
Thank you very much to everybody for participating in this wonderful competition. I appreciate your work a lot and it was really a very difficult process for me to choose a winner.
Next to this event I want to thank a lot to Neven Pilipović, who made this competition and campaign possible.
I will work on many other incentive events in future and I hope very ‎much that your curiosity for our products stays alive.
Feel free to visit us in person here in Masaya.
Sergio Zepeda