How to find GUITARRAS ZEPEDA in Masaya? A bus ride from Managua to Masaya!

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In this video I am explaining how to find us. The video starts in Managua and ends in our shop!

Some advices:

A bus ride from Managua to “La Villa” (direction to Granada) costs you 20 Córdoba Oro (status: 15.01.2016).
This is at the moment 72 cent! ($ 0,72) 15.01.2016

If you want to catch a bus, you have many options in Managua to take the bus to Granada!
(Yes, to Granada – take one of the public Micro Buses!)

Just walk next to the Marginal Carretera Masaya (i.e. South East direction) and you will find every 800m a bus station, where you can wave to a bus, who will stop for you.

Please notice that you can catch sometimes very full buses, during the early afternoon between Mondays and Fridays. Anyway it’s not more different to drive with our Nica Micro Buses than in big city (NYC, London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, etc.) undergrounds/subways , during the prime time.

In Nicaragua you have definetly the more charming view during your ride in case of cultural buildings and nature.

Yes traffic is an issue in Nicaragua, sometimes you will be quick here and sometimes you can stuck in traffic jam. (Traffic jam is only happening arround the Managua Zone.)

The distance from Managua to Masaya is arround 25-28km (around 16mi), what will take you between 35-40 minutes travel time.

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Today I mentioned in a dialogue with friends. “If you want to play global, you have to improve and deliver yearly a positive change!”

Thank you very much for watching and I wish you a wonderful time.

Many greetings from Masaya, Nicaragua.


Sergio Zepeda

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The clip was made and produced by Neven Pilipovic
The music is by Florent T. Blin
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