José Santos Zepeda , the 1st generation

More than fifty years the Zepeda family produces fine and aesthetic handmade guitars in a workspace in Masaya, Nicaragua. Today Sergio Zepeda runs the family business in 3rd generation.

Sergio Zepeda’s grandfather José Santos Zepeda learned early the art of guitar making from luthiers in San Salvador (El Salvador) and afterwards he opened his own shop in Managua (Nicaragua). José Santos Zepeda won many international luthier awards. His grandson Sergio Zepeda used to play with golden medals and trophies, while his grandfather paid more attention to the art of guitar making, than to his fame. José Santos Zepeda was one of the first luthiers in Central America, who established a solid tools trade with German companies.

Zepeda_Environment21Sergio’s father José Humberto Zepeda worked with José Santos Zepeda and he inherited with years the family business. Unfortunately, later an alcohol problem appeared and Sergio’s father ceased making guitars, sold all of the tools and equipment, which Sergio’s grandfather had accumulated.


Sergio Zepeda
Sergio Zepeda, the 3rd generation

During that time Sergio Zepeda was performing as a vocalist in several different popular Nicaraguan groups, worked parallely with his family’s business and learnt to keep the family’s luthier tradition alive. Today he has a remarkable singing career behind him and is well known in whole Nicaragua. Next to his entertainer life, he resolved to move back to the family home and to restart the traditional luthier business. Step by step, the workspace was put back together  and Sergio Zepeda continued to revive his family’s fame in Masaya.

José Santos Zepeda’s first and most important assistant Silvio Pastora is still alive and part of the today’s company. Some of the family building methods have survived through the years, and Sergio has also embraced modern innovations and theories of guitar design. After several years of producing inexpensive guitars for tourists and local musicians, Sergio’s focus has turned to producing of high quality instruments for the international market. Access to gorgeous local Cocobolo, Honduran Mahogany and Nicaragua’s low cost of living allows the Zepeda family to produce quality instruments on a first class level.

Sergio Zepeda’s passion is his family’s business, where he is playing a central role today.

He tributes his life to the music and his family’s business. While his special dual career, on one hand as a musician and on the other hand as luthier makes him a special expert on the market. Zepeda is consulting and suppling today one of the most important musicians in Central America (i.e. Andrés Sanchéz, Richard Robert Loza Silva, Eduardo Araica, Julio Vasquez, and many more.) with efficient and effective instruments.


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